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Tattoo Removal

We accommodate for laser tattoo removal at 57th door. Whether it's to cover up, or to fully remove a tattoo, we can arrange the right amount of sessions for your tattoo. Our machine is top of the range, meets all safety standards and is operated only by a qualified technician.

Get in touch with us regarding removal, as no two tattoos are the same. We are happy to discuss what is best for you and offer expert advice.

The above pictures show what our machine is capable of. These pictures show the result of multiple sessions of laser treatment, and the results of treatment depend on each individual tattoo. Get in touch and chat with us to find out what would be best for you!

Give us a call to speak to us directly, or alternatively use the form above to be put in touch with an artist that suits your requirements. Please be sure to describe what you want as best as possible, including colours, size, placement and style.

01252 518926

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